31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 17

Hey guys! How are you today? Hopefully everything's great! I'm going to continue the blog challenge and today's challenge iss "What Is Your Most Proud Moment", and I'm just going to put this in blogging context.

One of the most proud moment was when I was chosen to be one of the blogger for Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. I know its not like I am the only one who was chosen but still, I am proud of myself. I feel like chosen to be one of the blogger really opens up the opportunity to know and involve more in fashion industry! And as I expected, it was really fun and amazing. I got to know at least 6 more Indonesian bloggers with different education backgrounds and from different cities. Anyway it was so fun!

With some bloggers
If you haven't check out my posts about IFW 2013, here's the link :

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IFW 2013 Day 4 : Lennor
                              Eksotika Tenun NTB
                              Eksotika Tenun NTB part 2

Sorry I missed 2 days..... lol


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