La Vie En Rose

Photo : Pinterest Roses are one of the most notorious flowers out there, dating it's popularity and uses even back to the Cleopatra's era. It has different meaning and symbolism during different times, like in the Roman Empire such as love, sensuality, beauty, passion and balance. And you know what... coincidently (not really) it's also MY middle name, 'Rosa', which is the latin name of Rose, HA! This could be the reason why I feel some sort of connection to the flower and the smell of Roses, even though aesthetically I would favor Calla-Lily.

I know, I know... A lot of people likes to associate Rose scents with something boring, also things that are old and outdated, as it often describes as "the smell of my grandma's cupboard", or even "the smell of my grandma". Smell and the flower itself, often embodies femininity, lady-like, classy and elegant attitude.
But I don't believe that's true! If that's the case, why is it that even…

Paris sous la Neige

I don't know whether this is a miracle or an effect of global warning, but I'm glad that I could witness Paris covered in snow!!! As you might know, I have been living in here for quite some times now, 4 and half years, to be exact, and within that period, this is the first time that it has been snowing this heavy.
When my weather forecast inform me that Paris will be snowing, I told myself not to get too excited since the snow always turn out to be a disappointment, a.k.a as I would say, The Dandruff-like Snow. But once again, Paris has proven me that It will keep on supplying me with surprises and I will never  get bored while living here. 

This surprise also means that I was not prepared for this situation thus leaving me feeling naked and cold while walking around the street in my inappropriate attire. Like what kind of shoes do you guys wear in this kind of weather?

Hat : My dad's, Glasses : Gucci, Cardigan : H&M, Jacket : Miss Selfridges, Jeans : Zara, Socks : Uniql…

Foodie Journal : London Edition

I love food. So much. Honestly, I think I spent most of money on eating out. So let me bring you to my food journey in London and make your mouth water... p.s there are so many snacks and food consumed, in between this pictures. 

1. Bone Daddies in St. Christopher's Place. Got the T22 ramen, with pulled chicken with some bamboo, nori and shiitake mushroom. My friend, swears-by the duck ramen, but unfortunately was not available in this location. Got some mochi ice cream as well (not pictured)

2. (I think) Shake Stack burger with portobello mushroom from Shake Shack in Covent Garden. As a burger lover, I've been dying to try Shake Shack since it's all over the internet. I must say, it didn't disappoint! I was brought to heaven. I love how the Shake Stack burger is cheesy, crispy, meaty and mushroomy. 

3. Honestly, what kind of trip to London without a visit to Nando's?Got the 1/4 Peri-Peri Chicken with Garlic Bread and Peri-salted Chips. Really love the sauce and was t…

Travel Diary : Last Trip of 2017

Happy new year to all my beautiful people! For me, 2017 was such an interesting journey and honestly a bit rocky since I wasn't fully feeling like myself. But I'm grateful for of the lessons and experiences that I have faced and I'm excited with what 2018 has to offer! I think I'm optimistic (or at least trying to be) about it!

I spent the New Year's Eve with my most beloved friends, singing our hearts out and feeling nostalgic with a lot of early 2000's R&B song and High School Musical in a Karaoke place in Paris. But just a few days before that, I was in London for a full week with one of my best friends.

Even though London is only a train away from Paris, it was the first time I've ever been to the UK since the visa stuff always demotivates me. London was very beautiful, dynamic, expensive and unexpectedly bigger than I imagined but I don't know why, it some how didn't meet my expectations, and I don't even know what are my expectations.…

Life Update

APPARENTLY, I'm still a live....
Like, woouaahh, I've been neglecting my blog for more than a year. I feel like there so MUCH to talk about.  Well, for starters, I have finished my bachelor degree... last summer, then I went for a family trip to southern France, Spain and Switzerland. Then there was so many cools gigs I attended, like Rock En Seine, Banks (OMG SO SO GOOD), Glass Animals which was all equally a very fun experience. Hhmm what else. OH, I broke my external hard drive and didn't have a back up, a.k.a I LOST ALL OF MY DATA. And I'm sure, if I keep on going, we'll be here forever. Oh, and I still live in Paris.
But the point is, I forgot that I own a blog, and man, it was a pretty cringeworthy event to revisit this disregarded place. Come on, I could do so much better for my blog header.... So, let me make myself some promises (that I might not be able to keep). I will be productive, write and post fun and informative contents outside my instagram (I me…

Lyon, France - Where to visit?

Part two of my Lyon trip! Basically this will be dedicated to places to go and to check on your trip which include church, museums and other touristic sites! I will only be talking about my recommended ones!

1. Basilique Notre Dame de Fouvière - 8 Place de Fourvière, 69005 Lyon
You might think "What's makes this church any different with the other thousands of churches in France?". Answer : style and location. The church has a Romanesque architecture with the most beautiful dark green-gold-blue ish tone mosaic all over the ceiling, walls, floor that creates the most elegant and rich ambiance. Plus it is located on top of the Fourvière hill, which offers the most breath-taking view of the city.

2. Musée Confluences - 86 Quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon
This is probably recommended by a lot of people because of the architecture, which for me has a little bit of the Fondation Louis Vuitton vibe going on - btw not saying that it was copying Fondation LV since was built way before …