31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 4

"What Are You Afraid Of" is today's post theme.

Its kinda hard to think of things I'm afraid of, not because I'm a brave or strong one. Its just that I have no particular things that really get in my mind. But what ever, I'm just going to list some things that I hate. (Would that count as things I am afraid of?...."

1. I'm afraid of getting hospitalized. Hate being hospitalized is more appropriate. Not because hospital is such a scary place or what so ever. Is just, I hate not to be able to move freely because of the..... you know that thing needle placed on your hand. I hate to be distracted early in the morning so the nurse could take my blood sample. The truth is I only have been hospitalized once.

2. I'm afraid of not being successful in the future. I really am. I have experience a good life & all these blessings and all because of my parents' hard work, and I'm afraid that my life would not be as good and enjoyable as right now.

3. I'm afraid of being alone. Alone in this context is not being single. I'll be dead if I have no friend. Seriously. I mean, who will I annoyed? Who will be listening and watching all my sad talk and weird moves?


  1. hmmm I ve to think ab what I am afraid? Maybe of being alon too..


  2. I think everyone is afraid of not being successful! great post!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department


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