Aloe Vera : The Super Plant

Hey guys! In this post i'll be talking about Aloe Vera (Yea obviously). I feel like I really need to tell you guys this amazing plant that is not only delicious to put in your dessert or drink, but is actually gives tonnss of benefit to us.

I am already familiar with this plant since I was a little because my mom always had them in some flowerpot for us to consume. She ALWAYS give it to us when we were sick or simply for our health every single night, until now. Although, the world just realized their amazing benefit now.

So here's some ways in you can use Aloe Vera :

1. If you have a sore throat, flu, fever, cough, take some leaves then peal off the skin of the Aloe Vera ( the green one) and use the slimy jelly inside part of it. I like to dice them and put some lime or lemon juice and a little honey. Consume then as often as you can and in no time you'll be healthy again.

2. Use them as your homemade cream bath for healthier, darker hair and speed up the growth of your hair. You can put them in a blender to make it easier to get to your hair. I like to put some honey and a tiny little bit of olive oil and leave it at least 30 minutes. If you don't wanna shampoo your hair after, don't use the olive oil.

3. It will reduce dandruff if you mixed the Aloe juice with coconut milk and wheat germ oil. Massage into the scalp.

4. It will soothe and heal sunburn with its coolness. lol. I always put them on my skin after a trip to the beach and it peel of the dark, dead, burned skin. A lot of after sun gel product such as Banana Boat, uses Aloe Vera in their product.

5. It helps moisturize dry skin.

6. It can help lower the blood sugar levels, good for those who are diabetic.

7. It prevents scarring and stretch mark if applied to skin.

8. Delicious to put of your dessert or Aloe Vera drink. lol

9. For brighter skin as it decreases pigmentation.

Well this is only some of the benefits that I've experienced, but I'm sure some more benefits you can get if you consume them, most important of all, its super duper healthy.

Hopefully you'll fine this very informative and helpful! Let me know if you have tried and experienced its goodness! 


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