31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 22

HELLOO!!! I"M SOO SOOO SOOO SORRY THAT I AM ONE DAY LATE! Yesterday was so tiring and I cannot access the internet! But here I am not online, YEAY! Anywaayyy, I am in Lombok now! Its the second day of the trip and tomorrow we will be heading to another exciting place! Let me give you a little clue, its an island, and VERY famous one, with 4 letters word and its next to Lombok. Hopefully you'll get the clue!

Lets continue with the challenge and it is "The Best Thing To Happen This Year". The best thing to happen this year is I'll be moving to Europe in 3 months, Hopefully. Its a capital city of fashion that's why I'm moving there to continue my study. Its the best thing because its a new journey, new life, new struggle, new experience and basically anything new! 


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time!



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