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Today is friday,which means free clothes day at schoooll yeaay! although every thursday night,I'm always confuse on what to wear because even though its a "free" clothes day, of course there are rules applied like no shorts and sleeveless tops, sandals are not allowed blablabla so its kinda boring...

As you can see in the last picture, there is The Body Shop paper bag, which mean I just Bought another item. I will try the product first then i'll tell you what I bought and my comment HIHI! Keep in touch!

Chocolate, wind and gelato!

Last May, I went to europe with my family, but only 5 countries and I missed France which was the only country I was really really excited to visit because I plan to continue my study theree huuuh :( Just a while ago, i was just looking at my iphoto and i looked back to the picture taken there. I really missed europe, especially Swiss. I love the chillness, the delicious fresh water, the people, i just love everything about Swiss, although its kinda expensive there compare to other places.

Just a little info, it took me 3 hours just to photoshop these pictures :|

What Happened Today

A glimpse of what happen today at school : We were suppose to have ICT worksheet in the morning but the teacher was absent  :') so nothing screwed my morning hoho then we have art and design class which basically a free time for those who has done their work. I was asking my friends who know much about photography which camera should I buy. You see, my current cam is Nikon D90,which is very very heavy plus the lens add some more weight so I was thinking to buy a new one (if it is approved by my parents) because if i'm going to be committed in blogging, I should bring my cam everywhere I go and my Nikon D90 is no help. But at the end, they said my cam is good enough and suggest me to buy a lens to replace my current lens and I agreed with them lol


Fuf so tireeeddd! Today i'm writing with a headache..... I am a week away from my final exam (and why the hell i'm blogging right now) and yet there are still a lot of assignments and tests for this week. Tomorrow I will have Bahasa Indonesia work sheet followed by Math unit test. Shot me now!! I am usually trying my best to sleep early (like max 10 pm) but i'm sure tonight will be a sleepless night..... I'm currently going back and forth studying math then Bahasa Indonesia then Business studies then Math then BS and so ooonnnn. I can't focus on one subject right now because I feel insecure :| WISH ME LUCK EVERYBODYYY! I NEED to get a higher grade! ps: today I sold 18 red velvet cupcakes HIHI and tomorrow I will sell 20 chocolate cookies and cream cupcakes! (HEHEHE yes selling cupcakes is my main income for shopping HOHOHOHO) Anywayyy, I need to get back to all these papers and books and some more writing and memorizing things! Talk to you sooonn


So in love with my recently bought lip calm. It is from The Body Shop which I think its their latest Born Lippy product that came out with this stick form. The smells are terrifically good! I got the Lychee Shimmer ones, because I really love Lychee (I even named my dog Lychee :D). Although I don't really like the shimmery thing but whatever its smells wonderful and my lips are really hydrate
It cost me Rp. 69,000 (Indonesian currency) which is around US$7 or around £4. But in UK it is only £2 :| 

Big fan of the products

My outfit on 17 Nov 2012

Last week I went to one of my close friend's birthday party. The dress code is "Your maximum" lol. To be honest, i don't think my outfit was "my max" lol
studed shirt from singapore,skirt form mangga dua, Zara wedges, Soep Shop outer, swatch watch, (x)s,m,l necklace

Couple of birthdays

I'm sorry that I will be posting a couple of pictures that was taken a couple week or even months ago,but i gotta post it because i wanna share with you guys the fun-ness of it.

This is one of my best friend's 17th birthday party on March. Her name is Heidy (middle)

This is Bunga's birthday She's the lady in Turquoise. The dress code was flower-patterned clothes My pastel Birthday 
Carissa's Purple Birthday And Prinka's "maximum" birthday


HAI GUYS! This is my first time of blogging! I am actually very excited to have a new daily (hopefully i will write daily) activities. Although i know i will be very busy will my other activity but i think there's still room for blogging HEHE. I will be simply blog about anything and that anything will be about fashion, food, beauty and a lotttt more ... i don't know whether someone will be reading my blog or i will only be talking to myself,but i will try to keep the blog as exciting as possible.... if that's even possible lol.