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A Little Yellow Wouldn't Hurt Your Eyes

How's your weekend, everybodeh? I had quite an amazing weekend! On Friday (already count as weekend :') ) I feel like I am able to finish my exam pretty well and then the day followed by quality time with my friends. Then, I spent the whole saturday with the love ones, my best friends and family! If my plans will be happening, I only have a couple months left before my departure :| 

Share Your Love

So on the lovely saturday morning, we ( Church youth and I) went to an orphanage in Bintaro. We sang songs together and as I observe, They were happy/ enjoying the service. It is incredible to witness  those kids' spirit and happiness. Its just make me realize how blessed I am, with all the things I have, one of them is having my parents. And their voices are AMAZING. Amazing. 
Anyway, here's my outfit! Enjoy your day!

Sweater : Forever21 / Skirt : Bershka / Wedges : local brand / Bag : Mulberry

Thank God Its Friday

Helloooo! Happy friday everybodeehh! Hopefully we all have a fun, relaxing weekend ahead! I'm finally posting outfit picture hehehehe. I am currently in the middle of final exam. FINAL! The very final exam of my high school life. I cannot believe I only have a couple months left with my friends :( 
Anyway, I LOVE turquoise/tosca/greenish blue/ blue-ish green or whatever you might call it ( in case you wanna know :) lol ) So don't get bored seeing me using that color! 

Faux Leather Jacket : Gaudi / Cardigan : Ryu Myu / Tank Top : H&M / Skirt : NYLA / Wedges : Zara


So my last post was about 13 days ago..... and I posted an article about my imagination laptop for a competition (and I still don't know whether I won or lost or ignored lol). I am sorry for being a bad blogger lol
I am considering today is the last day of school. We actually still have monday but it will be use to review for our exam WHICH WILL BE HELD THIS WEDNESDAY! I. Die. My senior year has come to an end :'( Time flies sooo fast.
ANYWAY, today I donated my blood YEEAAYY! I was always wanted to donate my blood but at that time, I can't because I was not 17 yet but now I am and I'm so glad my school create this opportunity. I was afraid that I can't donate because of a couple of reason ( for example I can't donate because I have low blood pressure or something) and also on the procedure paper, It was written that people who went abroad within 6 months can't donate. And thank God my last trip abroad is on October which is EXACTLY 6 m…