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Baby Pink

Hey hey hey! My first outfit post after my blog's first anniversary! I can't still believe 1 year has past that quickly, and I just can't describe how blessed I am and thankful to all my friends who are always supporting me in any kind of ways, AND ANY WAY, ITS THANKSGIVING! Happy thanks giving everybody! Don't forget to take some time to think and give thanks to God and people who are always been there for you! Count your blessings! 
Just a little update on my life here in Paris, I'm finally moving from my ghetto neighbourhood to business district in France, yeaaayy. Although its not so much yeay in the moving, carrying stuff in the metro part. Imagine carrying all those shits with metro all by myself....... Mais, c'est la vie! 
Blazer : H&M / Top : Colorbox / Scarf : Zara / Legging : Topshop / Boots : Zara Photos : Natasha Ally

First Anniversary!

Can you believe that today is ALREADY my blog's first anniversary? Can you believe it? Because I can't! Its an awesome feeling! It was probably one of the most interesting 1 year of my life! A lot of opportunity was given to me through this blog, like being accepted as one of the blogger for Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 and met a lot of stylish & lovely Indonesian bloggers! 
Thank YOU, for being such an amazing readers! Its an awesome feeling to come home and open my blogger dashboard and find that people are actually reading my blog! Especially to the Russian! I have no idea how you guys found me, but thank you! (Please tell me how you guys found me, because I really wanna know) And also big thanks for people whom I forced to help me take outfit pictures, especially with my complicated camera!  and also my page views already reaches more than 10,000 views! THANK YOU

Orange Leaves

Its here, its already here! The beginning of hardcore wind and crazy coldness! As you can see, I am totally not ready for winter. While everybody was wearing mostly black and other dark ensemble, I was wearing my usual, normal fun pants! Ha! (I know most people thought that I'm weird) I also haven't buy any thick coats and jackets. Oh well. I tried to get a coat earlier today, but the result was : Spent some big amount of euros without getting myself any warm autumn/winter clothes (thanks to urban outfitters and topshop) I felt like a shopaholic today, which was an awesome feeling :') :') Scarf : Zara / Jacket : Thrift Shop / Star Wars T-Shirt : Mercy / Jeans : Forever 21/ Sneakers : Nike
Photos : Heidy Martuparia


Bonjouuurrr! I hope everybody's doing well! I jus realise that its been quite a long time since my last post. After 2 weeks of holiday, I returned with the most hectic week. Imagine, on wednesday I had 8 hours of marketing class. 8 hours......................................... Plus the rain is just killing me, 24/7 nonstop huuu. Anyway, I will have another holiday this monday and tuesday. Meaning a long weekend, yoohoooo! 
Jacket : Zara / Sweater : H&M / Skirt : Forever21 / Shoes : Doc Martens / Bag : Longchamp
Photos : Natasha