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Joyeux Noël!

Merry christmas everybody! Hopefully you guys have a blessed christmas whether you spent it with your family or alone just like me. (not to mention I spent the D-day, 25th working HA!) But who cares, I had fun buying presents for my family in Indonesia and they just FaceTimed me saying they love it :')

ANYWAY, tips and trick time!
The holiday season is finally here! And what better things to fill your holidays than spending a week or more of travelling with your love one? Either you are travelling to visit your family and friends or just a simple relaxing vacation to discover new place, some information and tips would be very helpful to make your trip easier! Nobody wants to have a passport or overweight-luggage problems to kill your good mood, right? So here are some useful tips that you can practice for your next vacation trip!
1. Put your passport, itinerary and other important documents in one folder or pouch so you don’t have to your precious 5 minutes to dig inside your bag …

Dark Romanticism

While I was disappearing from my blog for almost 3 weeks, I discovered how much weight I have 'gained'. And I am using a quotation mark because I actually have not gained any, but my cheeks made me looks like I gained a lot. Yes, I do admit that I have been eating a lot of chocolates and basically a lot of everything, but I didn't gain any because I walk a lot. A LOT. But I notice that my cheeks are very chubby and when I was skype-ing with my parents (and also my maid) back home, they said I look so fat. "Aduh neng gendutan banget ya neng?", my maid said. Oh well.
(not to mention winter is coming. Meaning, so more foods and less sweat)
Jacket : Zara / Necklace : H&M / Skirt : H&M / Boots : Zara / Bag : Longchamp Photographer : Heidy Martuparia