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I have been very determined lately to be the healthiest person I can be. Because 1.) I gained too much within a year 2.) I been eating so much of bad stuff like kebab and greasy stuff which I didn't consume before I came here 3.) I just wanna be healthy lol.
So I been shifting myself from waking up at 11 am in my free days, to waking up at 8 am everyday or earlier, followed by 45 minutes or running if I don't have morning classes and juiced some fruits as my breakfast like I always do since I was tiny. Drink a loooott of water during the day, eat nutritious food, and try to sleep maximum of 11 pm. And I feel sooo much better because of this habit. Not only I feel like I lose some weight, I also feel fresher and fit.
Lately we have been exposed by the issue of self acceptance. To be happy with who you are, what you have, what size to are, how tall you are and everything. Being skinny like Barbie is not what we want anymore. The guys are interested in any sizes, not only the 0 …


I'm back in Paris again everybody! And back posting again hihi sorry for the lack of posts for the last couple of weeks. Pardon me for not having anybody to help to take outfit pictures with my camera.  I went home for almost a month and just got back in the city in the beginning of the september to renew my visa. #studentlife.
Anyway I have quite a funny story about my trip. Which gonna come in the next post! Have a nice working week! #mondaypleasebenice
Sunglasses : Swarovski / Top : (x)s.m.l / Skirt : Forever21 / Clutch : Zara / Flats : Zara

Nail Polish : O.P.I Dulce de Leche / Lipstick : The Body Shop, Color Crush 110
Photo by : Hanna Theodora