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Paris sous la Neige

I don't know whether this is a miracle or an effect of global warning, but I'm glad that I could witness Paris covered in snow!!! As you might know, I have been living in here for quite some times now, 4 and half years, to be exact, and within that period, this is the first time that it has been snowing this heavy.
When my weather forecast inform me that Paris will be snowing, I told myself not to get too excited since the snow always turn out to be a disappointment, a.k.a as I would say, The Dandruff-like Snow. But once again, Paris has proven me that It will keep on supplying me with surprises and I will never  get bored while living here. 

This surprise also means that I was not prepared for this situation thus leaving me feeling naked and cold while walking around the street in my inappropriate attire. Like what kind of shoes do you guys wear in this kind of weather?

Hat : My dad's, Glasses : Gucci, Cardigan : H&M, Jacket : Miss Selfridges, Jeans : Zara, Socks : Uniql…