31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 27

Today I'll be sharing one of my favorite and easiest dessert recipe ever because today's challenge iss "Post Your Favorite Recipe". Actually I wanted to post my cupcake recipe but because I have limited time, I'm just going to post this easy recipe. Its Panna Cotta, Italian dessert! I really love French and Italian pastries / dessert.

For the Panna Cotta : 1 and 1/4 cups of heavy cream
                                 1/4 cup of Half and Half, In this case I use milk because we don't have half and half in Indonesia
                                  1 vanilla pod, bean scraped / 1 tablespoon or pure vanilla extract
                                  2 sheets of gelatin sheets
                                  3 tablespoons of sugar, or as many or as less as you want
For the sauce, you can use raspberry or strawberry or caramel sauce if you like it. In this case, I used Strawberry

1 cup of Fresh Strawberry
1 teaspoon of lemon juice, in this case I used a couple squeezes of orange because I ran out of lemon
1 table spoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of Corn Starch or Maizena
1 teaspoon of water

Direction : 1. Put the Gelatin Sheets in a bowl of cold water. Just leave it there to soak all the water
                  2. Put in the milk (or half and half), heavy cream, sugar in a saucepan. And if you use Vanilla pod, also put them inside.
                  3. On medium heat, bring them to shimmering. Don't forget to stir them once in a while.
                  4. Turn of of the heat and put in the vanilla extract (if you use them) and the gelatin.
                  5. Stir them until the gelatin has dissolve.
                  6. Put into individual ramekins or some aluminum foil containers. 4-6 servings depending on the size of each containers.
                  7. Wait around 1 hour before putting them into the fridge. Leave over night before consuming them.

For the sauce :        
         1. Put the constarch into the water into a small container. Mix them and leave them for a while.
         2. Puree the raspberry or strawberry, sugar, lemon/orange juice inside the blender then shift them.
         3. Place them inside small saucepan and stirring them regularly in low to medium heat until they shimmer.
         4. Put in the cornstarch mixture into the saucepan and stir them constantly until they boil.
         5. Remove from the saucepan and place them inside a small container. Do not close the container if its still hot!

Enjoy your Panna Cotta!


  1. Hello, Would you mind posting the prepared picture of your dessert? Thanks (:


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