IFW day 4 : "Eksotika Tenun NTB" part 1

 So one hour after Lennor Show, "Dekranasda NTB present Eksotika Tenun NTB" started with a video showing the beauty of the culture, beaches, land, people and other parts of NTB and followed by a live tradition dance of NTB on the stage. "Eksotika Tenun NTB" is basically showcasting the Weaving of Nusa Tenggara Barat and the design was a collaboration of 3 designers ; Linda Hamidy Grender, Epoel Daeng Hasanung and Irna Mutiara


  1. nice photo! btw kita ketemu ga sih ya?? hehe aga familiar gitu wajahnya :p


    1. hai iya ketemu deh kayanyaa, sama2 di tempat media itu kan duduknya pas hari pertama? hehe


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