Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Day 1 Part 2

You've seen the part one of IFW 2013 day one, right? How was it? So here's couple more of the beautiful dresses. I actually have 700++ photos of the first day, but of course I can't upload all of them which obviously will take me hundreds of years to upload them .All the dresses are created by 33 designers which I will put the names at the end of  this post.

Ayok Dwi Pancara - Bintang Mira Afriningrum - Defrico Audy - Dewi Syifa

Dini Pratiwi Irawati _ Djoko Sasongko - Elok Rege Napio - Ferry Daud

Fonny Tungga I - Gregorius Vici - Harry Ibrahim - Harry Lam - Isyanto

Lani Teule - Jimmy Fei Fei - Malik Moestaram - Marga Alam - Meike Sahala

Nefrin Fadlan - Nevi Kusuma - Phillip Iswardono - Priscilla Saputro

Pulung Rina Puspita - Qonita Gholib - Samuel Humpsain - Selvy Design

Stephanus Hamy - Sugeng Waskito - Sunita And Chakshu - Susan Zhuang

Vielga Wennida - Yanti Moeljono - Zainal Songket 


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