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IFW Day 4 : "Eksotika Tenun NTB" part 2

The dresses are so gorgeous to be worn daily or for semi formal to formal wear. A great way to make a Indonesian tradition clothing looks very luxurious and chic but still very Indonesia. I think the three designers has done a very excellent job on designing and choosing the patterns and colors to create this collection.

IFW day 4 : "Eksotika Tenun NTB" part 1

So one hour after Lennor Show, "Dekranasda NTB present Eksotika Tenun NTB" started with a video showing the beauty of the culture, beaches, land, people and other parts of NTB and followed by a live tradition dance of NTB on the stage. "Eksotika Tenun NTB" is basically showcasting the Weaving of Nusa Tenggara Barat and the design was a collaboration of 3 designers ; Linda Hamidy Grender, Epoel Daeng Hasanung and Irna Mutiara

IFW 2013 Day 4 : Lennor by Lenny Agustin

I am sorry for not having the time to attend the second and the third day of IFW due to my busy and tiring schedule therefore I can't report anything on those days. So here we are on the forth slash the last day of Indonesia Fashion Week. Day four started at 7 am but then again because of my cray cray schedule I arrived at 3 pm after my yearbook photo shoot and my aim is to catch Lennor show. The show supposed to start at 3:30pm but because of one or more reasons (which I have no idea) the show started around 4:00pm. Like usual,I get on my position (in the press and media area :D ) and waited there and met new friends yeay :) 

Lennor is the second line of Lenny Agustin that provides casual clothes aimed for tropical climate using Indonesian Textile such as Batik, Sarong, Weaving, Etc.

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Day 1 Part 2

You've seen the part one of IFW 2013 day one, right? How was it? So here's couple more of the beautiful dresses. I actually have 700++ photos of the first day, but of course I can't upload all of them which obviously will take me hundreds of years to upload them .All the dresses are created by 33 designers which I will put the names at the end of  this post.

Ayok Dwi Pancara - Bintang Mira Afriningrum - Defrico Audy - Dewi Syifa

Dini Pratiwi Irawati _ Djoko Sasongko - Elok Rege Napio - Ferry Daud

Fonny Tungga I - Gregorius Vici - Harry Ibrahim - Harry Lam - Isyanto

Lani Teule - Jimmy Fei Fei - Malik Moestaram - Marga Alam - Meike Sahala

Nefrin Fadlan - Nevi Kusuma - Phillip Iswardono - Priscilla Saputro

Pulung Rina Puspita - Qonita Gholib - Samuel Humpsain - Selvy Design

Stephanus Hamy - Sugeng Waskito - Sunita And Chakshu - Susan Zhuang

Vielga Wennida - Yanti Moeljono - Zainal Songket

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Day 1 part I

SURPRISEEE! Welcome to the second Indonesia Fashion Week 2013! I got a very great opportunity as the Blogger for Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Yoohoo! Me and 31 other bloggers were chosen by the official Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 which means we have the access to every fashion shows, exhibitions and talkshows.

Some of the dresses I adore from 33 designers in Fashion Parade "Stylopedia"

 Its just only the first part guys! Stay tune for Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Day 1 Part 2 :')

My look :
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