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So after I spent a loving Christmas with my friends, as I mentioned on the previous post, I went to a beach called Anyer with my family. It is not the best looking beach we can find, but we haven't been there for so long. One of the reason why we went there is because we wanted to visit THE Krakatoa Island. Krakatoa Islands are volcanic islands that are located between Java and Sumatra Island.

"The Krakatoa volcanoes erupted and exploded in 1883, causing massive tsunamis and killing at least 36,417 people, while simultaneously destroying over two-thirds of Krakatoa island. The explosion is considered to be the loudest sound ever heard in modern history, with reports of it being heard up to 3,000 miles (4,800 km) from its point of origin. The shock waves from the explosion were recorded on barographs around the globe." - Wikipedia
After the eruption, it forms a new island called "Anak Krakatau" or "Child Of Krakatoa" and that island is where we stepped …

Blue Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2013 guys!
Hopefully everybody's having such a blessed christmas ( for those who celebrates christmas) and hopefully 2013 will be a tremendous year that filled with adventures and joy although in really,life will not be that simple :')

I had a very fun christmas with my second family ( church friend). And if you ask me why I called them my second family, it simply because I've known them my entire life. Their parents are friends with  my parent and usually we meet each other every saturday at church and sometimes on the other day. On christmas eve, we went to the mall for lunch and continued by karaoke-ing for 2 hours and we went to get some supply at the supermarket to cook for our dinner because we were gonna stay over at our friend's. We had a verryyyy long night. We even ate dinner at 00:00. It not dinner yet its not breakfast, and its definitely not 'midnight snack' because we ate a very lovely, home cooked mashed potato…


Its 11:44 pm in Jakarta and I am actually forcing myself to sleep even though how curious I am with the next episode of Gossip Girl ( currently on the 16th episode of 5th season,and yes I know the show has come to an end). But I cannot sleep knowing I have a lot to do in this short holiday. I can't stop thinking where to start on my portfolio,study to prepare my national exam, taking french course for my future and don't forget to maintaining a good school grades. As much as I want to spend my christmas abroad, I think I have to be aware which one is wants and which one is needs, First things first! Too much thing in my head I guess. Hoping everybody a happy holiday! Enjoy every single second of it and use the time wisely. Time flies so fast. Too fast


A weekend of Batakness tradition. Its my aunt's wedding. I think I need to post these pictures just to share to you guys a glimpse of my background. The culture and tradition that flowing through my blood. The beauty of the tradition that need to be kept so it will not be extinct. The privilege to have such a wonderful tradition that not everyone in this world has. Embrace it


TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF EXAM! I AM SO HAPPY YES! After two weeks of sleepless nights and all the stress,I am not officially on holiday huyu! 
The exam ended at 10:30 am and after that I spent the whole day with my best friend. We spent the day  by watching High School Musical 1 and 2! hahahaha HSM 1 used to be our favorite movie when we were 10. We were also singing along throughout the movie and we couldn't stop laughing at all the awkwardness of the movie! But hey, It brings back such an amazing and funny memory of our past and  also the casts were still so small, I mean seriously Zac efron looked so skinny and tiny :3 
I had an amazing carbonara spaghetti for lunch from a little restaurant called Backyard ( if I'm not mistaken) in BSD and for an early dinner I only had some chocolate lava cake with ice cream and some macaroons from Bakerzin. The chocolate lave cake is not really that satisfying because its pricy yet so small and it doesn't taste that good, nothings sp…

Cake cake cake cake

Yesterday a friend requested me to make a birthday cake for his girl and apparently she is the least favorite friend of mine lol! But why would I turned down money right?

To be honest this is actually my first fondant cake ever, wasn't so bad isn't it


My bracelet is FINALLY here! I ordered it in September but it arrived last saturday! looolll well i can't really blame them actually. Okay so this is what happened. I ordered 2 bracelets on September for me and a friend. I am a loser in giving people a present because I guess I'm not really that creative :D So at that time I was thinking to buy a bracelet for myself ( and supporting a friend of my friends which own this business) but then I remembered that I haven't give any present for my friend so I decided to also buy her one. So I told the owner that I want the bracelet to be sent to my house and to my friend's and she said i just need to pay the shipping cost for my friend's and my bracelet will be delivered to me by herself and it will be free ( because she said our houses is kinda close). At that time I was kinda short on money so I said just deliver both the bracelet to my house so it will be free :p but then she got busy and she just delivered them last …

Semester Exam

Today is the first day of the exam. I had only one exam yet the other stream had two but everyone had English in the morning. I'm not saying i'm super confidence to get a high score in English, but I feel like  I am able to do and finished the task asked and hopefully the result is as I expected.
Tomorrow I'll be having Business studies paper 1 followed by ICT paper 2. Hhhmmmmmm not so confidence about this two subjects. I used to have a great grades in the past (grade 11) but I seriously have no idea why my current grades are such a disappointment, well i know the fact that ICT is a hard and complicated subject but i'm not so sure with the Business Studies....
I HAVE to!
I'm sure it will be a sleepless night tonight! but whatever...


Jeng jeng jeng

Soooo as I mentioned before, I bought another item from The Body Shop, it is a shower gel, lol. It called "Cranberry Joy" and it is a christmas edition. They also have Gingerbread christmas edition! I was soooooo excited to buy them both, but after I took a little sniff, the gingerbread smells like an Indonesian traditional drink called "bandrek"( i mean of course, bandrek is made from ginger lol) and the cranberry smells so fruity and fresh, so I bought it.

After I got home, I took a bath using Cranberry Joy and it was a bummmerrrr! I can't smell anything on my skin. But I wasn't so sure,so this morning I took another bath using the Cranberry Joy and I used a looottt of it. The result : same. A good quality of shower gel that I use,usually make my bathroom smells incredible, and Cranberry Joy shower gels doesn't make my bathroom smells nice.
So I can conclude the product is a bummer. If you like the smell of Cranberry Joy,I recommend to buy the body b…

Just Trying My Luck!

Lately, I've been joining this giveaway contest from a youtube channel! The only thing that we need to do is to comment on the video as many times as possible! 2 winners will be selected randomly and I am really hoping to win HOHOHO! The giveaway contain a bag which she designed( black and green bag) and a pair of heels that is also designed! The black bag contain of a collection of one of my favorite nail polish brand, Benefit products and BB cream and of course the high heels. While,the green bag contain of a makeup kit, 3 nail polishes and also a collection of bubble bath gel and the heels. I WANT THE BLACK BAAGG! Its hard to get those products inside the black bag in Indonesia SO I REALLY WANT TO WIN THE BLACK BAG HOHOHO! PLEASEE wish me luck! The 2 winners will be chosen in the 5th of December which is 4 more days! Please please please wish me luck! By the way, have a nice day everyone! And today is saturday so HAPPY SABBATH <3


Today is friday,which means free clothes day at schoooll yeaay! although every thursday night,I'm always confuse on what to wear because even though its a "free" clothes day, of course there are rules applied like no shorts and sleeveless tops, sandals are not allowed blablabla so its kinda boring...

As you can see in the last picture, there is The Body Shop paper bag, which mean I just Bought another item. I will try the product first then i'll tell you what I bought and my comment HIHI! Keep in touch!

Chocolate, wind and gelato!

Last May, I went to europe with my family, but only 5 countries and I missed France which was the only country I was really really excited to visit because I plan to continue my study theree huuuh :( Just a while ago, i was just looking at my iphoto and i looked back to the picture taken there. I really missed europe, especially Swiss. I love the chillness, the delicious fresh water, the people, i just love everything about Swiss, although its kinda expensive there compare to other places.

Just a little info, it took me 3 hours just to photoshop these pictures :|