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Gogirl Magazine January 2013!

Siapa sih remaja-remaja Indonesia yang ga tau majalah Gogirl? Gua yakin semua young adults yang tinggal di Indonesia tau! Sebenernya kalo ngga tau rada keteraluan sih ya...  Gua inget banget pertama kali gua baca GoGirl! Magazine itu pas sd sekitar kelas 5 atau 6-an dan itu adalah majalah favorite gua sama temen2 deket gua.
Personally this fabulous magazine has been helping me a lot to learn more about fashion and beauty, Selain itu pun,issue2 bulanan yang very interesting and fun jg bener2 usefully dan membuka wawasan kita.
Issue bulan january adalah "Pop Writing" dan pertama kali gua liat di stand2 majalah gua langsung tertarik untuk beli, of course karena gua suka ngeblog dan gua pengen ngeimprove skill menulis gua.

Tips2 dari Gogirl sih banyak banget yang ngebantu gua, kaya tips untuk memilih make up atau cara2 pake make up. Hasil dari beauty tips edisi January " Simple Dewy Makeup" bagus banget untuk di pake untuk sehari2! Suka banget deh!

Tapi Akhir2 ini sih…

Favorite Designer III : Stella McCartney

The next favorite designer issss.........(durudum dum dum) Stella McCartney!  It is no question that she is one of my favorite designer! She is one of my biggest inspiration, from her designs to her personality. I love the fact that she doesn't use any fur or leather in her designs and she supports PETA. I find her design is very classy, luxurious and very breath taking. Even if you can't touch the clothes,you can really see that it is made by a very good quality of materials and I think thats why brands like Stella McCartney is pretty expensive. Perfection. The first time I saw this Autumn Collection 2013, I was just speechless and I really really want to own these pieces... oh well 

Un Autre Vendredi



Summary of my weekend. Starts with Friday. I went to Mayestik friday instead of going to school. I did some textile shopping for my new personal project. I'm really excited about this project because it is for my portfolio. A guy that have no idea about who I am and what I'm capable of, underestimated me, so I really what to do my best to prove him that I am good. So we'll see.  On saturday, I went to Bandung to see my grandpa. He is hospitalized saying that he has some problems with his heart... Hopefully He'll get better in no time.

Favorite Designer Part II : Rozae Nichols for Clover Canyon

As I mentioned in the previous post, I really love prints. Balmain has created a very strong, edgy pieces that caught my attention for a very long time, and since it was started in 1945 everyone should know his beautiful creation by now. But my other favorite designer is pretty new and a lot of you might not know who she is or her brands. It is Clover Canyon designed by Rozae Nichols. It is a Los-Angeles-based brand that reflects the spirit of California.

My favorites Summer/Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Favorite Pieces from the Spring 2013 collection

Courtesy of Clover Canyon