31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 24, 25, 26

I know I know that I am late posting for 4 days, and trust me it sucks and I feel like I failed but I have an alibi. No Connection! So its no my fault :D Anyway this post will be a long one because I'll be putting 3 days post in one post. 3 in 1.

Day 24's challenge : "Your Favorite Childhood Book"

To be honest I don't read a lot and as a kid, I don't think I ever given a bed time story. But I bought a lot of Disney's princesses story book and some bible story book. Yeah I think its they are my favorite.

Day 25's challenge : "Your Five Favorite Blogs" 
It will be the awesome The Blonde Salad

The Atlantic-Pasific

Jessica from Tuula Vintage

Betty Autier from The Blog De Betty

Aimee Song From Song Of Style

Day 26's Challenge : " An Old Photo Of You" 

This is me 4 years ago! hehehehehhehehe


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