31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 8

Posting a little bit late than usual today because this post involves taking pictures and I was quite lazy this morning. Today's challenge is "What's In Your Bag". You might think "You can just list what's in your bag without taking pictures", but for me words are a little bit boring lol, I mean, I am always attracted to read an article if at least there is one picture in it, so are you, right?

What's In My Bag? : 

1. Water! My mom always bring water everywhere she goes and she always make her children bring water bottle everywhere. Well, I usually bring my own water bottle but I'm too lazy to get it downstairs that's why I am using plastic water bottle in this picture. ( I have 4 bottles of Nestle's Pure Life in my room, I don't know why I stock them)

2. I usually bring small-bottle perfume in my bag. In this picture, I'm using Juicy Couture, but Dior's Hypnotic Poison and Britney Spears' Fantasy.

3 & 4. Blackberry and Ipod is compulsory to be brought everywhere.

5. My wallet! Really love this wallet because it has tons of space to put my cards, coin and paper bills plus its only €7 bought in Germany, although its unbranded ( I don't even care actually) Best buy ever.

6. Pen

7. Eye Liner

8. Hand Sanitizer

9. Lip balms!

10. Candy

11. Oil Control Film

Tote : Lacoste Concept Large Horizontal Tote


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