31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 11

Okay, yesterday I failed to blog because I was so upset on a particular thing and I didn't have the mood to blog. Failure much? ah! Okay I will pretend that today is yesterday... confusing

"List Of Your Favorite Things" is the challenge.

1. One of the most important thing in my life. This baby have been helping me a lot to do assignments, watch movies, browsing, blogging. lol (yup that is Katy Perry sticker on my mac)

2. Katy Perry's Meow perfume. I pre-ordered it when it hasn't been launched, I was hoping that I was the first Indonesian who owns it lol.

3. Let me introduce you Bulldy the Bulldog and Ela the Elephant. They are my fav dolls. Bulldy was bought in England ( Though he was made in Indonesia EERRR) has been with me for probably 10 years and Ela is bought in Netherlands last year. Ela likes to go to school with me as my pillow :') hehe

4. Zumbarons, Its a macaron book recipe that my sister got me for my 17th birthday

5. Zara's shorts that I bought a year ago in Rome. One of my favorite short, but because its kinda too short for strolling around Jakarta, I have only wore them a couple of times.


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