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My love for India has almost come to it's peak! I am so so so in love with India. Not because I've been told by soooo many people, including my family, on how I look like Indians ( True story lol ) but I'm just so in love with its culture, Saree ( I am deeply in love with it), the beauty and oh my God its a longgg list! I didn't realized them until recently, although I always wanted to go there for a long time! As you may know, I am very colorful when it comes to my outfit, stuff and such & India is just full of colors! That's one of the reason why I really want to visit India in Holi. It celebrates the beginning of new season, Spring where some area of India will be covered with all those beautiful colors! People with throw each other some color powders! AH I'm so in lovee! I WILL BE IN INDIA....... SOMEDAY! lol

Anyway, I wore Saree back in 2009/2010 for my yearbook shot (such a bad hair day!!! UGHH) and wore them for an Internationalism Day Celebration E…

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream!!

Hey everybody! Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? And 21th July is National Ice Cream Day? Yeayy! That's why I feel like I NEED to make this recipe + ITS SUMMER TIME! Anyway, I promise you I will make some more summer recipe! 
The original recipe is from Martha Stewart vanilla ice cream without ice cream maker! But then I make it into chocolate mint ice cream and add the no. 6 step into the process. I just feel I need to make extra whip!  You CAN skip step 6!
Ingredients :

1 can of sweeten condensed milk
2 cups of cold heavy cream
1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon of mint extract
6 Bars of Lyndt Intense Mint
4 small bars of any chocolate you prefer ( I use Cadbury Dairy Milk)
5 or 6 drops of green food coloring

1. Chop 5 bars of Lindt and 5 bars of Cadbury and put them in the fridge.

2. Open the condensed milk with can opener and put everything in the glass container. Mix with the vanilla extract and mint extract. Give a good stir. You can also put …

Brother style

Obviously my brother's style isn't like this. Its basically the casual, boyish style of me where other people usually revers to "Boyfriend style" but the fact that I am boyfriend-less and I'm wearing my brother's shirt, "Brother Style" might be appropriate. (This is usually the part where my best friend said "Not funny pat :) ")  Anyway, I will be leaving the country for college soon and I will not meet my brother before my departure. This is so sad. (My brother is also studying outside the country right now) And I don't think I will returning back soon, so I'll probably will see him again one or two more years from now. Well hopefully my family could visit me sometime. 

Top : Zara / Shirt : Cotton On / Legging : NYLA / Ankle Boots : Zara

Lace Up!

Happy wednesday from Jakarta! Its already midweek and how's everything? Everything I have planned didn't happen so far... But its not a big of a problem. Anyway, I took these pictures last Sunday and I was planning to upload the immediately, but didn't because waited for some pictures taken by other people's camera to be sent to me ... But I have a feeling that he will not send them within this week.. So here's from my cam. I love this dress because its not too formal yet still a classy touch. But its very very short. Just under my butt. Oh and I was actually wore a tiny yellow belt, but I have no idea why I removed them.
Dress : H&M / Wedges : Zara / Clutch : H&M