IFW 2013 Day 4 : Lennor by Lenny Agustin

I am sorry for not having the time to attend the second and the third day of IFW due to my busy and tiring schedule therefore I can't report anything on those days. So here we are on the forth slash the last day of Indonesia Fashion Week. Day four started at 7 am but then again because of my cray cray schedule I arrived at 3 pm after my yearbook photo shoot and my aim is to catch Lennor show. The show supposed to start at 3:30pm but because of one or more reasons (which I have no idea) the show started around 4:00pm. Like usual,I get on my position (in the press and media area :D ) and waited there and met new friends yeay :) 

Lennor is the second line of Lenny Agustin that provides casual clothes aimed for tropical climate using Indonesian Textile such as Batik, Sarong, Weaving, Etc.


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