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Joyeux Noël!

Merry christmas everybody! Hopefully you guys have a blessed christmas whether you spent it with your family or alone just like me. (not to mention I spent the D-day, 25th working HA!) But who cares, I had fun buying presents for my family in Indonesia and they just FaceTimed me saying they love it :')

ANYWAY, tips and trick time!
The holiday season is finally here! And what better things to fill your holidays than spending a week or more of travelling with your love one? Either you are travelling to visit your family and friends or just a simple relaxing vacation to discover new place, some information and tips would be very helpful to make your trip easier! Nobody wants to have a passport or overweight-luggage problems to kill your good mood, right? So here are some useful tips that you can practice for your next vacation trip!
1. Put your passport, itinerary and other important documents in one folder or pouch so you don’t have to your precious 5 minutes to dig inside your bag …

Dark Romanticism

While I was disappearing from my blog for almost 3 weeks, I discovered how much weight I have 'gained'. And I am using a quotation mark because I actually have not gained any, but my cheeks made me looks like I gained a lot. Yes, I do admit that I have been eating a lot of chocolates and basically a lot of everything, but I didn't gain any because I walk a lot. A LOT. But I notice that my cheeks are very chubby and when I was skype-ing with my parents (and also my maid) back home, they said I look so fat. "Aduh neng gendutan banget ya neng?", my maid said. Oh well.
(not to mention winter is coming. Meaning, so more foods and less sweat)
Jacket : Zara / Necklace : H&M / Skirt : H&M / Boots : Zara / Bag : Longchamp Photographer : Heidy Martuparia

Baby Pink

Hey hey hey! My first outfit post after my blog's first anniversary! I can't still believe 1 year has past that quickly, and I just can't describe how blessed I am and thankful to all my friends who are always supporting me in any kind of ways, AND ANY WAY, ITS THANKSGIVING! Happy thanks giving everybody! Don't forget to take some time to think and give thanks to God and people who are always been there for you! Count your blessings! 
Just a little update on my life here in Paris, I'm finally moving from my ghetto neighbourhood to business district in France, yeaaayy. Although its not so much yeay in the moving, carrying stuff in the metro part. Imagine carrying all those shits with metro all by myself....... Mais, c'est la vie! 
Blazer : H&M / Top : Colorbox / Scarf : Zara / Legging : Topshop / Boots : Zara Photos : Natasha Ally

First Anniversary!

Can you believe that today is ALREADY my blog's first anniversary? Can you believe it? Because I can't! Its an awesome feeling! It was probably one of the most interesting 1 year of my life! A lot of opportunity was given to me through this blog, like being accepted as one of the blogger for Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 and met a lot of stylish & lovely Indonesian bloggers! 
Thank YOU, for being such an amazing readers! Its an awesome feeling to come home and open my blogger dashboard and find that people are actually reading my blog! Especially to the Russian! I have no idea how you guys found me, but thank you! (Please tell me how you guys found me, because I really wanna know) And also big thanks for people whom I forced to help me take outfit pictures, especially with my complicated camera!  and also my page views already reaches more than 10,000 views! THANK YOU

Orange Leaves

Its here, its already here! The beginning of hardcore wind and crazy coldness! As you can see, I am totally not ready for winter. While everybody was wearing mostly black and other dark ensemble, I was wearing my usual, normal fun pants! Ha! (I know most people thought that I'm weird) I also haven't buy any thick coats and jackets. Oh well. I tried to get a coat earlier today, but the result was : Spent some big amount of euros without getting myself any warm autumn/winter clothes (thanks to urban outfitters and topshop) I felt like a shopaholic today, which was an awesome feeling :') :') Scarf : Zara / Jacket : Thrift Shop / Star Wars T-Shirt : Mercy / Jeans : Forever 21/ Sneakers : Nike
Photos : Heidy Martuparia


Bonjouuurrr! I hope everybody's doing well! I jus realise that its been quite a long time since my last post. After 2 weeks of holiday, I returned with the most hectic week. Imagine, on wednesday I had 8 hours of marketing class. 8 hours......................................... Plus the rain is just killing me, 24/7 nonstop huuu. Anyway, I will have another holiday this monday and tuesday. Meaning a long weekend, yoohoooo! 
Jacket : Zara / Sweater : H&M / Skirt : Forever21 / Shoes : Doc Martens / Bag : Longchamp
Photos : Natasha

Pont Neuf

Yesterday my girls and I decided to explore more about Paris since we all are foreigners. We tried to find inspirations and topics to talk about for our projects. I am currently on holiday for 2 weeks with a minimal of 3 assignments and some tests are waiting for us after we got back. And to be honest, I'm kinda behind all my projects right now.... Wish me luck guys! and have a great weekend <3

Top : Zara / Shorts : Forever21 / Bag : Mulberry / Shoes : New Look / Coat : H&M Photos : Natasha


Today is the last day of school yeaayy! I will be having my 2 weeks holiday for a French holiday called Toussaint. But yeah in this 2 weeks of holiday, I will have to do like 3 projects, or maybe more, I can't remember. Anyway, my day is ended actually quite well, we went to a hotel in Paris called Le General Hotel for our History class. And it was actually more like a chit chat session with the teacher ahahaha. He taught us about the table manner and some general french manner and stuff and because our class is very international (my friends are literally coming from all over the world) so we shared about our manners in our own country. It was fun Top : H&M / Skirt : Forever21 / Socks : I forgot hehe / Shoes : Dr. Martens / Bag : Longchamp
Photos : Natasha


Last week I went to a chinese restaurant in China Town to get a Indonesian-like chicken noodle with my friend and one lovely Indonesian family. It was very good and made me kinda miss home. Anyway, after a lovely lunch, we walked down the street and saw a secondhand store. I didn't wanna spend money at that day but when I saw this oversized jacket, I started to change my mind :") Especially then I saw the price tag, which was only 10 Euros, oh yeay :') So comfy and cheap. So then at that day, I spent almost 90 euros lol, although I only spent 13 euros in the vintage store hhhmmm.....   Beanie : Unbranded / Denim Jacket : Thrift Shop  / Jeans : H&M / Sneakers : Nike
Photos : Heidy


Hey guys! I'm really annoyed that my internet at the apartment is troubled because of the rain and its already almost 1 week, but they haven't get them fixed. I'm so annoyed right now hu. Anyway, my mom is already home in Jakarta right now ( she joined me in Paris for 1 month) I feel so bad because I didn't show her that I'm actually sad that she was leaving while she was so sad when she was about to leave. You know, like she cried in the middle of the night when she was trying to sleep. Oh well, life must go on. Anyway, I stayed at my friend's place so I was wearing her top and skirt in this post. lol Scarf, Top, Skirt : H&M / Boots : Zara / Bag : Longchamp
Photos : Heidy


I'm telling you, moving is never easy. Never. Plus college. I have too much in my brain right now. I'm literally going to explode right now. Plus I'm in Paris, BUT I MISSED PARIS FASHION WEEK ESPECIALLY CHANEL! KATY PERRY WAS THERE! I was planning to go to Chanel show but I have to do a lot of things, so my friends went there and I met a looottt of fashion Icon like Anna Dello Russo, Chiara ferragni from The Blonde Salad and THEY WERE LIKE A HALF METER AWAY FROM KATY PERRY.... :'(AND KATY IS NOW STILL IN PARIS. I can't talk anymore. Bye

Jacket : Zara / Tank Top : Unbranded / Skirt : H&M / Sneakers : Nike / Bag : Longchamp Photos : Heidy