31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 13

"What Is Your Earliest Memory" 

My earliest memory was I went to one of my family's wedding. Just a couple hours ago. I went there with my full team family. I met a lot of familiar and new faces. I also had a couple of puddings, which was actually wasn't that yum but I'm just being myself, which mean eating every single thing I see lol. AND again, my aunts and uncles can't stop saying that I look like someone called "Ony" or "Oni". Like seriously I don't know who she is. "Doesn't she looks like Oni/Ony?", "Oh yeaahh, kinda", "Right?", "Yes, I can see it". I just wish that she is positive lol.

At the wedding I also saw my Grandma ( My grandma's sister, My grandma passed away in December 2011). I'm really happy that I saw her because she is so fun to be around, She brought happiness to my grandma. My Grandma had 12 other siblings and only 4 left.


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