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Autumn Diary - Fashion Week and life

September is always been my favourite month. I tell you why ; First, its a birthday month and yes this year I left my teenage life! Second, it is Autumn, which is my favourite season ( I mean seriously, who doesn't love autumn?!?!?) and Third, Fall/Winter 2016 fashion week and this season I got to work with Lanvin!!!

Let's begin with the day I became 20... I was just overwhelmed by the amount of love I received that day from friends and family both in Jakarta and Paris. And to have a moment to sink in the amount of blessing and opportunity I have lived for the past 20 years of my life. Man, God is good to me. All the time. I celebrated my birthday with a chill and intimate dinner with my friends in a French restaurant called Le Sâotico and we had the loveliest time there. The people are super friendly, the food are amazingly delicious, lovely space in the upper room, great price and they surprised me by singing happy birthday and gave my dessert a sort of candle torch. The ow…

Summer Vacation 2015 - Indonesia

So after my Shanghai adventure, I hopped into a 6 hours flight to Jakarta with no sleep after my all-night-long karaoke session and spent the whole summer vacation at home. It was........ weird. I learnt my lesson that being home for more than a month leads to being unproductive, lots of cleaning the house and just basically bored. After moving to other city/place/country,  it just made me realise that being home would never feel the same again. The lifestyle, the people, the mindset, the culture. Everything.

But my three months, did not only wasted on contemplating my life, I was, of course having tons of fun with my family and friends, and travel to few places in Indonesia.

Man, what a beautiful country, I belonged to.
I travelled to some places around East Java, that include Mont Bromo, Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi, Baluran and some places in Bali. It was amazing!!!!!!!!

Ijen Crater was the highlight of the trip for me, where we hiked waayyy before the dawn- aka 1 in the morning so we …