31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 7

Hey I am bored. I have nothing to do and it left me to option to stay asleep even when I'm suppose to get up and be productive. I woke up at 8:30am today and eat breakfast and open my laptop for a couple of minutes and back to sleep................................... Probably 3 hours :| Yup its super duper bad.

Anyway, Here we are at day 7, and the challenge is " Your Pet Hates"

I am an animal lovers. Actually where was a time that I felt that my home has become a zoo because we had a dog, tons of fishes, turtles, hamsters, rabbits, birds plus a house full with flowers and other plants, at once. OH I also had chickens. Nope I am not kidding you. Their poop was all over my terrace, that's why we decided to give them up.

But I actually dislike cats. I mean they are so adorable and flurry and soooo cute in pictures and videos, but in reality I find them so lazy and not helpful at all, unlike dogs they are so active, could protect to and if you have a big dog, you can hug them as your pillow, like I did to my Golden Retriever, lol.

I'm also allergic to their fur. When ever I enter my friends' house who owns cat, I'll be sneezing constantly and my eyes will be come red and watery and very uncomfortable. 

And that's the story why I hate cats. 


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