31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 20

Hello everybody! Today I'm writing very late because I was with my family the whole day! My brother's girlfriend is here in Indonesia and tomorrow will be flying to one of Indonesia's Paradise! If you want to know, don't forget to stay tune!

Today's challenge is " A Difficult Time In Your Life". Well my difficult time in my life is too personal and I don't find it appropriate to be shared in the internet. Even only 3 of my best friends knew it! So let me find another one......... Okay I think being in 12 grade is very difficult is every angle. The fact you are facing major tests than will determine your future, the near separation between you and your beloved friends, college application that will not be easy, the preparation and such is very easy to face!

This year is totally a difficult time for me! I enjoy being with my best friends, close friends, classmates, friends a little bit too much. I know that it will definitely very far to find these kind of people. No one beats the weirdness and craziness of Binusians! <3


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