31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 6

Hey! I'm blogging late today (indonesian time) though in some countries it still might be morning or afternoon. Just got back from church and stuck in the middle of horrible traffic.

Anyway, let's continue the 31 days blog challenge and it already the 6th day! Today's instruction is " 5 Senses Right Now" 

Let's start by Hearing. I am currently listening to The Kooks' She Moves In Her Own Way, and you guys should know by now that I love The Kooks, but this time I listen to them not by choice because I shuffle my iTunes. 

Taste : Hhhhmmm... My mouth currently taste very fresh because I just brushed my teeth with my favorite tooth paste, Colgate. 

Smell : Smells........ nothing I guess. But smells a little like a baby for I just took a bath and I love to take bath with baby shower :D

Sight : I am currently blogging so obviously I am looking and my laptop and also messy pile of pillow at the background of the laptop.

Touch : The aluminum body of my mac. 

Anyway, sorry for the lack of outfit post and other fashion related post. Promise I'll post the soon!


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