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Ni Hao Ma?

Surprise surprise! I am currently living in Shanghai. I’m already in my sixth week actually! So far Shanghai still treat me good. The food are lovely and slightly cheaper than Paris, it has decent to clean streets which is uncommon in Paris street, I reunited with bubble drinks (YUM), so far so great. Definitely a very exciting and interesting place even though it is also quite a bizarre as the environment and the weather is more or less like Jakarta but it is not. So basically I feel more homesick in Shanghai compare with in Paris. Bizarre. 
I also got a chance to see a cute pop-up café by my favourite brand, Kenzo and you can get a free coffee with a very cute polka dot cup! If you're in Shanghai, you can go to mall IAPM! 
Don't forget to follow my Shanghai journey on my instagraammm!  This is the beautiful Jingan Temple

Top : Forever21 / Jacket : Zara / Legging : Topshop / Shoes : Zara / Bag : Longchamp / Glasses : Swarovski