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Lyon, France - Where to visit?

Part two of my Lyon trip! Basically this will be dedicated to places to go and to check on your trip which include church, museums and other touristic sites! I will only be talking about my recommended ones!

1. Basilique Notre Dame de Fouvière - 8 Place de Fourvière, 69005 Lyon
You might think "What's makes this church any different with the other thousands of churches in France?". Answer : style and location. The church has a Romanesque architecture with the most beautiful dark green-gold-blue ish tone mosaic all over the ceiling, walls, floor that creates the most elegant and rich ambiance. Plus it is located on top of the Fourvière hill, which offers the most breath-taking view of the city.

2. Musée Confluences - 86 Quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon
This is probably recommended by a lot of people because of the architecture, which for me has a little bit of the Fondation Louis Vuitton vibe going on - btw not saying that it was copying Fondation LV since was built way before …

Spring Break - Lyon, France

Winter's over, Internship's over, SPRING BREAK IS HERE! No complains for now (actually i'm complaining about thesis, but let's pretend I didn't) You heard me right, THESIS a.k.a I'm already on my last semester WHOOOTTTT?! That got me thinking and wondering, how can I live in this country for almost three years now, and have not explore other cities? A huge country of with 643,803 km2, that offers so much more that the eiffel tower // from the most sunny beachy cities in the South to the chilly, snowy mountains to ski. So yeah, I have decided that I will dedicate my energy, money and time to move my lazy ass away from Paris and go into wild adventure (okay 'wild' is a little too much)
Last Fall, I spent sometime in Bourgogne aka Burgundy to visit Dijon and Beaune, then Alsace for my Winter break on which I visited Colmar and Strasbourg and got mesmerized by the beauty of fairytale-looking cities and I must say, they have the 'fleek-est' Christma…