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Vogue Fashion Night Out! On Wednesday me and my friend went to VFNO in Paris. It was really nice to see a bunch of stylish people all in the same place! (And handsome guys lol). I added a coat and a hat to my day outfit to make it more 'stylist' and to warm myself. After awhile, we decided go to back to the apartment and eat Cendol and Indomie because we didn't have a lot of invitation. Anyway, I am so in love with my new boots. I had been searching for a nice pair of boots since last year and now I finally own one! Its a sure thing that you'll see me wearing this boots again and again and again! Hat: H&M // Coat : H&M // Sweater : H&M // Jeans : H&M // Bag : Longchamp // Boots : Zara
(Just realized that I wore to many H&M in one outfit lol)

Premiere Semaine

It has been a week since I arrived in this beautiful city and I'm loving it! I have been to some of the famous place in Paris and tried the famous macarons from Pierre Hermé and Ladurée. They were incredibleee! I'll share you guys the pictures of my travel in the next post.  I have lost 2 potential outfit posts because nobody can operate my camera perfectly! I asked my friend earlier today to take me some pictures but still out of a thousand pictures only several pictures are not blurry! I have no idea what has gotten to my cam! It used to be easier to operate! Hopefully this problem will be solved soon! All pictures in this post are the best among the others :(
Another thing, I hate Paris' weather lately! It rains all the time! Ugh

Black dress : Unbranded // Blouse : Picnic //  Coat : New Look // Stocking : Unbranded // Shoes : Doc Martens // Bag : Longchamp
Photos : Heidy

The City of Lights

Hey guys! Surprise, surprissee! I am now in Paris. Not for vacation but to stay for the next couple of years to study here! I only have been here for 2 days and I'm already in love with Paris. Maybe because I haven't experienced and hopefully won't experience bad things like being robbed and such (which I always warned by people) I love the weather here, breezy but not yet freeze-y lol. Anyway here's my first outfit post after being absent for so long and the first post in here! Not the best outfit to be pictured but so perfect with Paris' weather!

Leather Jacket : Zara / T-shirt : Star Wars Mercy Vintage / Scarf : Forever21 / Jeans : Zara / Boots : Zara / Bag : Longchamp


Hey guysss! For a thousand times now, I propose you another apology for 'abandoning' the blog. Well, I always check my Blogger dashboard but haven't been so inspired to write lately. Plus I am in the middle of very busy days. So I am so so sorry for that and the fact that my last post was take a month ago, it does kinda freaks me out! But I promise you guys the best one is about to come! I will take another big, important, exciting step of my life next week and I promise you guys to keep you updated! Trust me its an awesome one!

Anyway just a little update, I chopped of my hair last friday because 1) they were so damaged 2) I'll move away from home, so it will be quite expensive to have a haircut there (LOL!) 3) I do think that long hair is kinda boring. Sorry for unready-face picture with a sleepy snow leopard!