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Avec Patricia Rosa

Hey guys! I just did the lamest thing ever! Bought a magazine because I was in it..... And its not even an article llooll. I was so excited though! At least my picture is bigger than the others, right? ahahaha its from local magazine called "Gadis" and its like street style pictures of people who was wearing outer wear. Click hereto see more pictures of this outfit! Oh and I've been featured in before, just click hereto see!


As I have informed you guys before, that I went to Lombok and Bali last week. I arrived in Lombok on  Sunday around 12pm and left for Bali on Tuesday noon. Not that much time to explore Lombok to be honest. But the view was amazing! Pictures taken in Lombok main island, Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. Another post of Lombok will be posted soon! Stay tunnee!  

Courtesy of Patricia Rosa

31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 31

IT IS THE LAST DAY GUYS! WOOHOO! Its been a months of full blogging every single day! So to make it officially 31 days, here's today's challenge "Why Do You Blog"

Its a very simple question but its actually what makes me here, blogging for the last 6 months! (yup its already 6 months). I started blogging because I feel like I have no contribution / action to my passion for fashion. Its like "You said you love fashion, but I can't see nothing that shows you love it", yeah something like that... Hopefully you guys get what I mean lol, And also blogging really helps me to be motivated to dressed up and improves my style. At least, that's what I feel! And its been a very great 6 months of blogging! To share my thoughts and daily routines, style, interest and basically anything!

Anyway, Thank you for reading my 31 Days Blog Challenge (if there is actually something that reads them) and for those who are following me through Bloglovin and Google Friend C…

The Wedding

Yesterday I attended my friend's wedding! Its a little bit unreal to see your very own friend, who grew up together in your own circle is already married! I still can't believe it! They've both so cute together! I love their reception because its a mix of Indonesian and modern wedding! Its so lovely! Nothing but support and love towards the newly wed! Love you guys!

Clutch : H&M / Dress: Ciel / Wedges : Luna Maya Hardware

31 Days Blog Challenge: Day 30

Its finally the 30th day of the challenge! Woww! Okay so today's challenge issssss............. "What's in your make up bag". Its actually a lot, so let me segment them!

1. Bronzer by Sephora, No.2 Medium color 2. All-In-One Face Base by The Body Shop, No. 05 3. Blush on by Maybelline, "Velvet Apricot". 4.Pearl Radiance Primer by Lily Collection for The Body Shop 5. BB Cream by The Body Shop, No. 02 6. Pan Stick Concealer by Max Factor, No. 13 7. Foundation by PAC, No. C03 8. Sponge by The Body Shop
Eye Shadows :

1. M.A.C 18 Eye Shadows Palette 2. Sephora Color Pop Up Store 3. NYX Eye Shadows "The Caribbean Collection" 4. PAC Powder Eye Shadows 5. NYX Eye Shadow Base 6. Shimmer Cubes Palette by The Body Shop

1. Eyelash Curler 2. Eyeliner Brush 3. Eyebrows Brush 4. Blush On Brush 5. NYX "Shadow 1, B13" 6. The Body Shop Eyeshadow Brush 7. The Body Shop Eyeshadow Blender
Mascara & Eyeliner
 1. Revlon Liquid Liner
2. The Fals…

31 Days Blog challenge : Day 29

2 days to go and my 31 Days Blog Challenge will be completed! So fasstt!

Today's Challenge is "Where Have You Travelled"

Okay Start with domestic trips:

1. I've been to Bandung 1000000000 times! Its 2 hours drive from Jakarta, my hometown. Actually I just came back from Bandung. I mean everyone who lives in Jakarta have been to Bandung lol. Okay let's mentioned places a little far.

2. I've been to Bali a couple of times. Only 4 times thought. And Actually I just came back from Bali looll

3. Lombok. Its next to Bali. I can't wait to share my fav pics of Bali and Lombok from my previous trip.

4. Bangka and Belitung Island.

5. North Sumatra, Its my parents' hometown

6. Pulau Seribu or Thousand Island

7. Jogjakarta. It is where one of the seven wonders located, Candi Borobudur or Borobudur Temple

8. Carita and Krakatoa Island. Click here to see some more pictures
9. Malang
10. Mount Bromo,etc

I don't know where's my pictures of Mount Bromo, Malan…