31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 19

Hello! It is already the 19th day, Can you believe it? Okay today's challenge is "What Do You Collect". Thank God I decided to collect something 2 years a go, I collect PEZ Candy.

Are you familiar with PEZ Candy? Its a candy from Austria with a candy dispenser with characters. I actually have them since I was a kid, but back then I have no intension to collect them and so I lost them. On December 2011 I decided to collect them. I feel like I need to have something in my life, like collecting things. 

My PEZ collection is actually not that much compare to other collectors. I have 102 PEZ that I bought from Indonesia, China, America, Swiss and also while I'm in Amsterdam. Basically everywhere I go, I tried to find them. Although, PEZ in europe is verryyy expensive. I bought them about US$1.5 in Indonesia and €4 some are €3 and €5 in Europe. If I change into Indonesian Currency, I bought them Rp.15,000 in Indonesia and Rp.38,490 - Rp. 64,155. 4 times more expensive X_X

Anyway, here they are! 

PS : Its also the perfect timing to clean them up as the dust already starting to appeared on them

Original photos taken by myself!

Anyway, I promise you guys of an outfit post really really soon! And I'll be traveling for the whole week next week! Don't forget to tune it!


  1. WOW!!! I love them so much! Great collection!
    Remind me from when I was a kid :)
    Love this post!



  2. OMG ! These are so cool ! My favorites are from the Disney Princesses but it's really great see all !



  3. whoa, I like the star wars edition the most! ^^


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