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It is Monday, one of the most hated day of all. When you just forced your body to wake up early in the morning and start living the reality again after a relaxing weekend. But its definitely not what I'm feeling about Monday lately. Obviously because I'm on my looooonnggg holiday. Yes I hate waking up in the morning everyday, because I have no idea what will I do for the rest of the day. 
Anyway, lately I've been inspired by the nature, especially the sky. I took a couple of great photos on previous days. Oh and the moon was amazing, right? It was very beautiful. I like to think how great God is. Maybe some of you doesn't even believe that God exist, but I believe that some one is responsible of making these beautiful skies, creatures and nature.
I hope this pictures inspires you and be motivates you through out your weekend. 


Its been quite a long time since my last post. Lately I've been pretty lazy to take outfit pictures, and when I'm not, no one was available to be my photographer (Ehem Pat there is this tool that calls Tripod). But still I don't like to take picture using tripod.
Anyway, do you guys know that Google Friend Connect will not be available anymore from the first day of July? Yes I know, it sucks. I really like using GFC to keep updated with blogs I followed and when I found out about this, I was kinda upset. Okay upset is a strong word. I was bummed. So I started following people through Bloglovin', which is also a good device to read those awesome blogs.
So you guys still have 6 more days to start following people through Bloglovin and you can transfer your followers in GFC to Bloglovin'. I'm just going to tell you the link so you can start transferring your followers. Oh and a little reminder, don't forget to follow and stay connected with me! :) You can cli…

Night To Remember

So what happen on 13th June was our prom night! I can't believe prom is now done. The last event of the whole batch. And it doesn't turned out as emotional as I expected. Maybe because of the though that we will still meet each other a little bit longer. The sad part is, my friends will be scattered all over the globe. Some will go to Europe, America, some countries in Asia and stay in Indonesia which means, once we leave our country, its a hard task to meet each other as a whole group. But life must go on, isn't? 
Anyway, let's talk about my prom dress. It wasn't made for the prom, actually. I was planning to make another dress, but I was really busy and when I'm not, My mom was busy, So we couldn't shop the textile and everything. I tried to buy a dress but there was none. So I took out this dress, the one that I designed and made for my college portfolio. I wasn't 100% happy with it, but at least some people said that I looked like Katy Perry that n…

Shine Bright

Hello everyone! Is everybody's having a great weekend? Not only I had a great weekend, But I had a very colorful week! From tears for not being confidence with my DELF Orale test, went to my prom & saw the whole batch for the last time to visiting my grandma in Bandung (and bought a lot of clothes yeay) for the weekend. So I'm sorry for not posting in the past couple of days. So this is the last outfit post from my previous Lombok-Bali trip! And its actually my favorite outfit! What do you guys think?
Hat : Unbranded / Glasses : New Look /  Turquoise Tank Top : Max Azria x Miley Cyrus /   Outerwear : Soep Shop / Floral Shorts : ZARA / Tote : Lacoste / Sandals : New Look / Watch : Swatch


This outfit brought a misery while I was in it. Yes I know, I was in Bali, beach area which means very hot and most people will use shorts or beach dresses, but that day I decided to cover myself. You might think "Why the hell she wore jacket jeans with that super long dress under Bali's heat? Stup*d!" Well here's the reason, I am Indonesian that was inherited with brown caramel skin. We don't need to lay under the sun for hours just to be tanned, because most of us is already tan and it will only takes 30 minutes under the sun to get even darker. So I covered myself when I know I will be under the sun for the whole day to prevent getting darker. And yes, it was very hot and regretted my decision because I can't stop sweating and I'm still getting darker. 

Hat : Sister's / Glasses : New Look / Jacket : Forever21 / Maxi Dress : Luna Maya Hardware Bag : Lacoste / Sandals : New Look Photographer : Farrel Hannon (brother)


Its my forth visit to Bali and the second trip with family. I didn't visited a lot of places this time because I've seen them for a couple of times but I did had a fun time. My brother's Thai gf came to Indonesia and that was one of the reason why we went to Bali and Lombok, as side of we all need some vacation.