31 Days Blog Challenge : Day 31

IT IS THE LAST DAY GUYS! WOOHOO! Its been a months of full blogging every single day! So to make it officially 31 days, here's today's challenge "Why Do You Blog"

Its a very simple question but its actually what makes me here, blogging for the last 6 months! (yup its already 6 months). I started blogging because I feel like I have no contribution / action to my passion for fashion. Its like "You said you love fashion, but I can't see nothing that shows you love it", yeah something like that... Hopefully you guys get what I mean lol, And also blogging really helps me to be motivated to dressed up and improves my style. At least, that's what I feel! And its been a very great 6 months of blogging! To share my thoughts and daily routines, style, interest and basically anything!

Anyway, Thank you for reading my 31 Days Blog Challenge (if there is actually something that reads them) and for those who are following me through Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect, I'm so sorry for always appearing in you timeline every single day for the last 31 days! Hope you guys would like to  try doing 30 days challenge thingy!

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