Born by the name of Patricia Rosa Situmorang who has a big interest for fashion, food, travel and adventures. Some people know me as "Patty" or "Rosa" or simply "Patricia". If you understand a little french or maybe you are often see the word "Pâtisserie" it means a bakery which sells pastries or sweets which is totally my favorite things to consume and I blend it will my nickname - Patty which gives us the background of my blog, "Pattysserie".

For me, fashion isn't about the brand or the price or the blings but its about the way to mix items to create a beautiful piece of art that reflects who you are or what you are feeling at that moment. It doesn't matter how expensive your clothes are but if you mixed it wrongly, it might look very cheap. However, you can wear unbranded clothes that looks very stylish and expensive, if you mixed it correctly.

If someone ask me "Describe your style", I don't thing I can answer the question. In fact, I don't even have the answers. I can dress differently in every occasions. But I like the word "colors". Colors bring happiness in, my perspective, So I like to put one or more bright colors in my outfit. Even sometimes I got described too colourful. Not sure it is a compliment or a mockery, but it doesn't matter what they think as long as I am confidence and happy the way I look, I will survive until the end of the day. 


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