This is mine hoho

 My bracelet is FINALLY here! I ordered it in September but it arrived last saturday! looolll well i can't really blame them actually. Okay so this is what happened. I ordered 2 bracelets on September for me and a friend. I am a loser in giving people a present because I guess I'm not really that creative :D So at that time I was thinking to buy a bracelet for myself ( and supporting a friend of my friends which own this business) but then I remembered that I haven't give any present for my friend so I decided to also buy her one. So I told the owner that I want the bracelet to be sent to my house and to my friend's and she said i just need to pay the shipping cost for my friend's and my bracelet will be delivered to me by herself and it will be free ( because she said our houses is kinda close). At that time I was kinda short on money so I said just deliver both the bracelet to my house so it will be free :p but then she got busy and she just delivered them last saturday :|
The bracelet is pretty cute and edgy, I think! If you guys want to check them out here's the link but if you guys decided to buy, don't be like me hahahaha just use the regular shipping method :p
The one that I bought for my friend


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