Blue Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2013 guys!
Hopefully everybody's having such a blessed christmas ( for those who celebrates christmas) and hopefully 2013 will be a tremendous year that filled with adventures and joy although in really,life will not be that simple :')

I had a very fun christmas with my second family ( church friend). And if you ask me why I called them my second family, it simply because I've known them my entire life. Their parents are friends with  my parent and usually we meet each other every saturday at church and sometimes on the other day. On christmas eve, we went to the mall for lunch and continued by karaoke-ing for 2 hours and we went to get some supply at the supermarket to cook for our dinner because we were gonna stay over at our friend's. We had a verryyyy long night. We even ate dinner at 00:00. It not dinner yet its not breakfast, and its definitely not 'midnight snack' because we ate a very lovely, home cooked mashed potato, chicken, mushroom teriyaki and some lovely vegetable. I am not sure you guys would care to write an essay long story of my christmas day. All I can say is just I had a very lovely days and I feel very blessed to have them. I hope you guys also had a great Christmas day.


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