Just Trying My Luck!

Lately, I've been joining this giveaway contest from a youtube channel! The only thing that we need to do is to comment on the video as many times as possible! 2 winners will be selected randomly and I am really hoping to win HOHOHO! The giveaway contain a bag which she designed( black and green bag) and a pair of heels that is also designed! The black bag contain of a collection of one of my favorite nail polish brand, Benefit products and BB cream and of course the high heels. While,the green bag contain of a makeup kit, 3 nail polishes and also a collection of bubble bath gel and the heels. I WANT THE BLACK BAAGG! Its hard to get those products inside the black bag in Indonesia SO I REALLY WANT TO WIN THE BLACK BAG HOHOHO! PLEASEE wish me luck! The 2 winners will be chosen in the 5th of December which is 4 more days! Please please please wish me luck! By the way, have a nice day everyone! And today is saturday so HAPPY SABBATH <3


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