TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF EXAM! I AM SO HAPPY YES! After two weeks of sleepless nights and all the stress,I am not officially on holiday huyu! 

The exam ended at 10:30 am and after that I spent the whole day with my best friend. We spent the day  by watching High School Musical 1 and 2! hahahaha HSM 1 used to be our favorite movie when we were 10. We were also singing along throughout the movie and we couldn't stop laughing at all the awkwardness of the movie! But hey, It brings back such an amazing and funny memory of our past and  also the casts were still so small, I mean seriously Zac efron looked so skinny and tiny :3 

I had an amazing carbonara spaghetti for lunch from a little restaurant called Backyard ( if I'm not mistaken) in BSD and for an early dinner I only had some chocolate lava cake with ice cream and some macaroons from Bakerzin. The chocolate lave cake is not really that satisfying because its pricy yet so small and it doesn't taste that good, nothings specially about it and I got myself some Caramel macaron, Chocolate Raspberry macaron and Red Velvet macaron, but they are running out of Black Forest macaron ( which is my fav) so its pretty disappointing.

I am such a BIG fan of macaron, I mean who doesn't, right? But sadly, I haven't found BEST macaron place in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. So I usually got them either from Bakerzin or Hotel Mulia. I really wish that Laduree or Pierre Hermes will open their branch in Indonesia #DreamBig! 


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