Jeng jeng jeng

Soooo as I mentioned before, I bought another item from The Body Shop, it is a shower gel, lol. It called "Cranberry Joy" and it is a christmas edition. They also have Gingerbread christmas edition! I was soooooo excited to buy them both, but after I took a little sniff, the gingerbread smells like an Indonesian traditional drink called "bandrek"( i mean of course, bandrek is made from ginger lol) and the cranberry smells so fruity and fresh, so I bought it.

After I got home, I took a bath using Cranberry Joy and it was a bummmerrrr! I can't smell anything on my skin. But I wasn't so sure,so this morning I took another bath using the Cranberry Joy and I used a looottt of it. The result : same. A good quality of shower gel that I use,usually make my bathroom smells incredible, and Cranberry Joy shower gels doesn't make my bathroom smells nice.
So I can conclude the product is a bummer. If you like the smell of Cranberry Joy,I recommend to buy the body butter or the hand cream or the glittery body lotion (though I don't like it because its too glittery)


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