Night To Remember

So what happen on 13th June was our prom night! I can't believe prom is now done. The last event of the whole batch. And it doesn't turned out as emotional as I expected. Maybe because of the though that we will still meet each other a little bit longer. The sad part is, my friends will be scattered all over the globe. Some will go to Europe, America, some countries in Asia and stay in Indonesia which means, once we leave our country, its a hard task to meet each other as a whole group. But life must go on, isn't? 

Anyway, let's talk about my prom dress. It wasn't made for the prom, actually. I was planning to make another dress, but I was really busy and when I'm not, My mom was busy, So we couldn't shop the textile and everything. I tried to buy a dress but there was none. So I took out this dress, the one that I designed and made for my college portfolio. I wasn't 100% happy with it, but at least some people said that I looked like Katy Perry that night. Even when I walked into the venue, somebody shouted "Katy Perry!". I am not joking guys! HA


  1. love your dress :D

  2. Lovely dress, you look absolutely gorgeous :)

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