This outfit brought a misery while I was in it. Yes I know, I was in Bali, beach area which means very hot and most people will use shorts or beach dresses, but that day I decided to cover myself. You might think "Why the hell she wore jacket jeans with that super long dress under Bali's heat? Stup*d!" Well here's the reason, I am Indonesian that was inherited with brown caramel skin. We don't need to lay under the sun for hours just to be tanned, because most of us is already tan and it will only takes 30 minutes under the sun to get even darker. So I covered myself when I know I will be under the sun for the whole day to prevent getting darker. And yes, it was very hot and regretted my decision because I can't stop sweating and I'm still getting darker. 

Hat : Sister's / Glasses : New Look / Jacket : Forever21 / Maxi Dress : Luna Maya Hardware
Bag : Lacoste / Sandals : New Look
Photographer : Farrel Hannon (brother)


  1. Hello! You have a lovely dress (:

  2. aaaa... jd pengen ke Bali jg T.T

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    Miss Aa


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