Its been quite a long time since my last post. Lately I've been pretty lazy to take outfit pictures, and when I'm not, no one was available to be my photographer (Ehem Pat there is this tool that calls Tripod). But still I don't like to take picture using tripod.

Anyway, do you guys know that Google Friend Connect will not be available anymore from the first day of July? Yes I know, it sucks. I really like using GFC to keep updated with blogs I followed and when I found out about this, I was kinda upset. Okay upset is a strong word. I was bummed. So I started following people through Bloglovin', which is also a good device to read those awesome blogs.

So you guys still have 6 more days to start following people through Bloglovin and you can transfer your followers in GFC to Bloglovin'. I'm just going to tell you the link so you can start transferring your followers. Oh and a little reminder, don't forget to follow and stay connected with me! :) You can click on the Bloglovin' Lady icon on the right side, or click here to see my blog through Bloglovin'

See you guys on the other side :p


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