Instagram Updates!

Instagram has always been a useful tool to kill boredom and to share daily picture without people getting annoying of you appearing in their timeline. May has been very fun for me as I finally took family vacay and spent some more time with my cousins!  

Here's some of pictures to sum up May!

 Took a quick nap after a fun day in the sun! Really relaxing to see this kind of view

 Given a night ride by this strong boy! He gave a ride to 7 people! I feel bad, Should've gave him a carrot to eat

 Our gigantic hotel in Nusa Dua, Bali. It used to be Hilton.

 Hanged out by the hotel's private beach to catch sun set!

In Japanese restaurant in Bali called La Men. Love the concept of the resto but the food wasn't that wow

 This is Biawak or Goanna in english. This species reptile commonly found near the water but the largest Biawak is Komodo Dragon. Anyway, the hotel has a lot of this though they are wild.

Indonesian pie! Found all over Indonesia, but this is one of Bali's favorite pie. Pie susu or Pie Milk is also famous!

 I think Balinese is consider as one of the artistic people of Indonesia! They have a lot of art gallery that sells their own creation! Though this was taken in street vendor of Tanah Lot.

Bought this cutie pie mainly to scare people! She's the cutest scary thing though :*

This was taken in Tanah Lot with my brother's gf and my sis 

With roses from my cousins in their graduation day!

 Like I said, I dyed my hair! Yeay

 Watched Java Heat, played by Kellan Lutz! It was taken in Indonesia and to be exact in Jogjakarta, where one of the seven wonder located, Borobudur Temple! Loved this movie! Very Indonesia

 Bought this super cheap nail sticker in Bali. Around US$ 0.75 and its very nice!

Made Red Velvet cupcakes for a friend. His mom loves my red velvet cupcakes so much. They are my regular customer! Thanks for the support!

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