Make A Line!

 Second outfit post of my Lombok-Bali trip! This was taken a our trip of exploring islands and getting wet with colorful fishes! Thanks to my adorable sister who didn't bring the underwater cam, I can't take pictures of those fishes! We saw a lot nemos and his friend, and also I saw this cute adorable colorful fishes. I think more than 5 colors on their scales! Its amazing! Anyway the stripes that I wore, was swimming suit ( Like you wanna know, duh!) Oh and a little info, my dad brings his cowboy hat everywhere............ :|

I dyed my hair! Purple for the upper layer and blue on the longest part of the hair! Didn't really love how it turns out actually. They mostly appears under intense lighting, even though I have bleached them twice! Uugghhh! Especially the blue one. That's what happen when asian brunette attempted to have colorful hair! Blonds, you're lucky!

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