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Roses are one of the most notorious flowers out there, dating it's popularity and uses even back to the Cleopatra's era. It has different meaning and symbolism during different times, like in the Roman Empire such as love, sensuality, beauty, passion and balance. And you know what... coincidently (not really) it's also MY middle name, 'Rosa', which is the latin name of Rose, HA! This could be the reason why I feel some sort of connection to the flower and the smell of Roses, even though aesthetically I would favor Calla-Lily.

I know, I know... A lot of people likes to associate Rose scents with something boring, also things that are old and outdated, as it often describes as "the smell of my grandma's cupboard", or even "the smell of my grandma". Smell and the flower itself, often embodies femininity, lady-like, classy and elegant attitude.
But I don't believe that's true! If that's the case, why is it that even in 2018, numerous brand are still launching products with rose ingredients? And why do I, probably the LEAST classiest person on earth, is enjoying, owning and testing product of roses and even writing this long-ass article???

Not only that they look and smells beautiful, Rose petals are packed with beautiful goodness such as antioxidants like Vitamin C, minerals and vitamins like Vitamin E, which essentially will give you plenty of benefits for your health and beauty. Some of the benefits that you should be expecting from roses are hydration, anti-inflammatory, toning, soothing, brightening and nourishing the skin.

Here are some of my favorite Rose-ingredient products and the reasons why I fall for them ;

1. Tom Ford's Noir De Noir € 200 for 50ml € 295 100ml / $230 for 50 ml and $312.

I was so in love when I first discovered this perfume, probably 2 years ago and finally decided to purchase them just in November 2017. Why, you asked?.... THE PRICE. It was exceeding my student-budget allowance 'just' for a perfume, when I could spend it for some other thing, like food... HEHE, But I finally got it as there was a 30% reduction in Sephora during Black Friday period.
I always have a place for Tom Ford in my heart, though we all know that they are so F-in expensive, BUT rest assure, they will always come with quality. 

This juice is a combination of a perfect ratio of Black Rose, Black Truffle, Vanilla, Patchouli, Oud and Tree Moss. This is why, unlike other rose-scented fragrance, it has quite a dark, earthy yet delicious smell, which is suitable for both women and men. It's warm, it's sensual, it's empowering yet elegant and classy at the same time. It's exactly what I feel every time I wear this. 

One thing that make this perfume only rated 4 out of 5 star, is the fact that it doesn't last as long as I wanted, as it melts right away into your skin and clothes, leaving a subtle and muted-down scent rather that 'in-your-face' fragrance, which I prefer.

2. Aerin's Evening Rose € / $ 120 EDP

Rosy with a bit woody scent, not overly feminine yet so elegant. Comparing to Noir de Noir, it's a very different type of Rose perfume. For me, this one is less complex, but not in a negative or cheap way. In fact, it is very luxurious type of odor. I makes me think of the interior of a luxurious department store. 
Even though the name is 'Evening', I personally don' think that the fragrance is too heavy to be worn during the day time, and probably will be enjoyed by most people.

I, personally like to wear same perfume all year long, but if you are one that differentiate your products based on its seasonality,  this one is in the fresher and lighter spectrum which means it could be very suitable for spring and even fall / autumn season as the freshness comes from Blackberry, Bulgarian Rose, Rose Centifolia and then the woody part comes from Cognac and Incense.

If you guys don't know the brand Aerin, it is a lifestyle brand from the States created by Aerin Lauder, and if you can already guess from her last name, she is the granddaughter of Estée Lauder. With the know-how of the Estée Lauder company, you can be sure, that her beauty line has great quality. And specifically with this perfume, I can testify that it has good longevity. 

Ugh...... the mask section is the toughest part of this article! Not because it's hard to find a good one, but there are so many good ones! I've tried so many good and expensive ones like Sisley's Black Mask, By Terry's Hydra-éclat Mask and Fresh's Rose Face Mask, but i feel like with soooo many good offers out there for face mask, you don't need to spend $40 or more with the same benefit. So here we are...

3. Innisfree's It's Real Squeeze Mask - Rose  € 1,05 

Korean skin care will never disappoints you! I tried this when I was in Jakarta as Innisfree is growing significantly back home! It is very affordable and really does what it promises. Generally speaking, all the sheet masks from 'It's real Squeeze Mask' collection is bomb and i'm such a huge fan, but obviously as it is Rose, It automatically became one of my favorite one. It really hydrates and making my skin looks healthier and glow-y the next day!

It has a light and watery serum consistency that allows the product to sync into the skin rapidly, and it doesn't leave your skin feeling overly sticky. Leave in for 10-15 mins, and tap-in the excess serum into the skin. Since it leaves a lot of left over inside the pack, I slather the excess serum onto my neck and my chest since we should never forget them as well.

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4. Lush Rosy Cheeks € 11,50 / $12,95 

Compared to the Innisfree's Rose sheet mask, this one has a more prominent rose scent that in my opinion is very delicious, sweet and classy which makes the whole masking experience so relaxing. As someone who self-proclaimed to be a fragrance fanatic, I must say that the scent is one of the biggest factor that keeps me coming back for more, even though it has  promises other benefits such as toning and nourishing the skin. 

Unlike most clay mask, this one is leaves your skin feeling velvety, smooth and hydrated while drawing all the disgusting gunk out of your skin.

5. Baume De rose La Crème Mains € 36 / $ 50

It's quite impossible to talk about rose ingredients beauty products without mentioning this item, or By Terry brand in general. It is my must-have all year round hand cream that has a supple sweet rose scent, with a light texture cream that will be absorbed in your skin within a few second and not leaving your skin feeling sticky and greasy. 

I know it has a high price point, but with someone who has dry hand almost all year long, I really feel that its ingredients really helps nourish and hydrate my skin. It contain all forms of rose materials like Rose extract, oil, water, butter and so on! 
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6. The Body Shop € 17 / $ 21

I mean, we all know that The Body Shop's body butter will never do you wrong. 
Recommended for someone who has normal to dry skin as this one will give you intense 24h hydration which I found true. During winter time, I normally showers only every night and use this body butter afterwards, the next day, I still feel very moisturized. 

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7. Christophe Robin Rose Clay €40,95 / $53

Beautiful earthy rosy smell while you are washing your hair, yet the rose scent will not stay too long on your head. This paste will DEEPLY clarify your scalp and give volume to your hair. Even though it is very pricy, a little goes a loooooonnggg way, with this product, especially that you should only use it once a week. Be aware if you have dry, damaged or colored haired, as it can be very drying, which is the case of my hair. But I normally put a hair mask afterwards, and it will give hydration back to my hair. 

How I normally use it : scoop a little of paste with your finger, and mix it with water on the palm of your hands until it gets bubbly. Then message it into the scalp and leave it about a minute or so, to let the product soaks in all the dirt and oil on your scalp. Then rinse it off, and repeat once more if needed, and then as mentioned, put in the heavy conditioner or hair mask. I will work miraculously for fine and flat hair. 

Photo : Popelini
8. Popelini Rose Framboise €2,40

Literally one of my favorite treat-myself kind of a 'snack'. And why I say snack? because the size is literally a bite size. Yes, I know that it's a expensive of a bite-size-fun, but it's ssoooo good, that I permit my wallet to suffer. Especially, this particular flavor. 

The cream inside the choux pastry was mixed with rose water, which you can totally taste and smell, followed by a squirt of raspberry jam placed inside. It is so creamy, not overly sweet and will give you the most amazing indulging experience. 

You can find Popelini in 4 different locations, but I normally go to the one in 35 rue de Turenne in Le Marais area. You can find other locations here


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