Travel Diary : Last Trip of 2017

Happy new year to all my beautiful people! For me, 2017 was such an interesting journey and honestly a bit rocky since I wasn't fully feeling like myself. But I'm grateful for of the lessons and experiences that I have faced and I'm excited with what 2018 has to offer! I think I'm optimistic (or at least trying to be) about it!

I spent the New Year's Eve with my most beloved friends, singing our hearts out and feeling nostalgic with a lot of early 2000's R&B song and High School Musical in a Karaoke place in Paris. But just a few days before that, I was in London for a full week with one of my best friends.

Even though London is only a train away from Paris, it was the first time I've ever been to the UK since the visa stuff always demotivates me. London was very beautiful, dynamic, expensive and unexpectedly bigger than I imagined but I don't know why, it some how didn't meet my expectations, and I don't even know what are my expectations... But it was still a very fun trip and I would like to share my photo diary.

The Breakfast Club in Canary Wharf

Petersham Nurseries Covent Garden

Pictures are taken by Iphone 6s


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