Foodie Journal : London Edition

I love food. So much. Honestly, I think I spent most of money on eating out. So let me bring you to my food journey in London and make your mouth water... p.s there are so many snacks and food consumed, in between this pictures. 


1. Bone Daddies in St. Christopher's Place. Got the T22 ramen, with pulled chicken with some bamboo, nori and shiitake mushroom. My friend, swears-by the duck ramen, but unfortunately was not available in this location. Got some mochi ice cream as well (not pictured)

2. (I think) Shake Stack burger with portobello mushroom from Shake Shack in Covent Garden. As a burger lover, I've been dying to try Shake Shack since it's all over the internet. I must say, it didn't disappoint! I was brought to heaven. I love how the Shake Stack burger is cheesy, crispy, meaty and mushroomy. 

3. Honestly, what kind of trip to London without a visit to Nando's? Got the 1/4 Peri-Peri Chicken with Garlic Bread and Peri-salted Chips. Really love the sauce and was told that I could actually buy them in the supermarket, but unfortunately didn't manage to bring them home.

4. The Breakfast Club in Canary Wharf. Beautiful, spacious location with 80's vibe. The Full Monty was just the most delicious classic english breakfast. I was being my happiest and fullest self after the meal. 

5. Homeslice Pizza. Gigantic yet manageable-to-finish for two. Or at least for my belly. They are big but super thin, so basically it's normal portion. My side of the pizza would be the Mushroom, Ricotta, Pumpkin Seed & Chilli and Chorizon, Corn & Coriander for my friend. Absolutely amazing!!!

6. Bird in Camden. Got myself the classic Chicken & Waffle Plate, enjoyed the chicken and the waffle, but not so for the maple that came with it. Taste quite artificial to my liking. p.s They got student discount... lol

7. Lola's Cupcake. Got myself the classic Red Velvet and I must say its one of the best red velvet cakes I tried (second after my own lol). Tried the Vegan Chocolate cupcake, as well and it was so buttery and rich to perfection. Even brought it to Paris and ate it a few days after and still taste amazing. Didn't manage to take some pics before consuming them because I got too excited. 

8. Crosstown Camden doughnuts was amazing. I got the Matcha Tea flavor and Yuzu & Passion for my friend. So delicious, quite fulfilling and has unique flavors. They also have a range of doughnuts suitable for you vegetarians out there. We didn't take pictures, because AGAIN, I COULDN'T CONTAIN MYSELF, OKAY!!! so here some pictures taken from their website. hehe. 

9. The Hoxton, Shoreditch. Drinks in the the lobby bar/cafe of the hotel. Amazing place with cozy ambiance and great cocktails. So comfy to hang around with friends. (no pictures, unfortunately)


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