Life Update

APPARENTLY, I'm still a live....
Like, woouaahh, I've been neglecting my blog for more than a year.
I feel like there so MUCH to talk about. 
Well, for starters, I have finished my bachelor degree... last summer, then I went for a family trip to southern France, Spain and Switzerland. Then there was so many cools gigs I attended, like Rock En Seine, Banks (OMG SO SO GOOD), Glass Animals which was all equally a very fun experience. Hhmm what else. OH, I broke my external hard drive and didn't have a back up, a.k.a I LOST ALL OF MY DATA. And I'm sure, if I keep on going, we'll be here forever. Oh, and I still live in Paris.

But the point is, I forgot that I own a blog, and man, it was a pretty cringeworthy event to revisit this disregarded place. Come on, I could do so much better for my blog header....
So, let me make myself some promises (that I might not be able to keep). I will be productive, write and post fun and informative contents outside my instagram (I mean, seriously if you don't already, what are you waiting for?!?! follow me @patriciarossaa), and I WILL be revamping this platform. It will be a slow process, but bear with me!

Until then, see you on my next post!


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